Highest Quality cannabis

If you want to grow the Highest Quality Cannabis… Your going to need some pretty good lights.  At CannaLightLab.com you can count on some of the Finest Cannabis you have ever grown.


We will come to your facility to do a complete assessment of your Light and Electrical requirements and provide you with an Engineered Light & Electrical Plan.


We take our Lights serious… as our name implies, all of our Lights have been Light Lab Tested and Approved in our Own Facility against all of the Industry Light Leaders.


All of our light systems are custom designed to meet your plants requirements.  Our manufacturer holds Patents Specific to tuning Light Spectrums specific to your Plants.

What Is CannaLightLab.com

     History About CannaLightLab.com

We are on the leading edge of development for the emerging indoor horticulture space and have the technology to create ideal spectrums for multiple crop types. We have partnered with the leading manufacturer in the space to integrate unique IP purpose-built fixtures that serve cultivators in numerous markets.  From cannabis to food production, from  horticulture to algae grown for bio-fuels, we have a technology platform we can integrate for you.

We can facilitate all shapes and sizes, right from the Small Indoor Grower to the Commercialized Licensed Producers. We do have a system for everyone to help maximize Energy & Profits


FLWR-660 ~ VGL-170 ~ CLN-90

We can facilitate all shapes and sizes, right from the at Small Indoor Grower to the Commercialized
Licensed Producers. We do have a system for everyone to help maximize  Space, Energy & Profits.

● Reduced Electrical

● Less HVAC

● Healthier Plants

● More Profits

● Economical

● Low Heat

● Shorter Veg Cycle

● Easier Transition

● Less Energy

● Easy Set up

●   Better Light Spectrums

●   Even Clone Growth

If I wouldn’t have seen it with my own eyes with my own Plants, I would have had a harder time believing.  But the results are in and the CannaLightLab.com lights won again.  I take my hat off, again.


Cannabis Consultant

24,000 square feet of HPS Lighting was the original plan.  Luckily for us we met this group.  They showed us the way, the truth and the Light and I have to say, these light are absolutely Fantastic.  they have over exceeded our expectations in many ways.

Licensed Producer in Canada

Happy Buyer

At first I was very skeptical, but with a little research and a couple of test lights and it didn’t take long to see the difference.  I have to say that I am now a believer in LED LIghts and I’m swittching over.  Thank you for showing me the Light!


Commercial Grower

You Can Trust

You don’t have to take our work for it… we have Patents for our Technology,  third party UL Testing, but best of all, we have Customers that will back us up.  And all of our Made in the USA Lights come with a Manufacturers 5 Year Guarantee!

Patented Products

Patented Products provide a level of quality you can count on to be tried and true.  Combine that with a Quality Manufacturer and you have a product you can be proud of. 

engineered light plans

There is a lot to be said about pre-planning.   We take it to the next level by providing Engineered Light Plans, we cover everything.  Not only are the light important, how they are setup is vital.

electrical consultations

You can have the best lights, but if they are not wired and set-up properly  your losing Profits.  We can provide a full electrical team or you can count on us to provide Electrical Consultation to yours.

The Search is over

You’ve done the research and you’ve found the Light!

Leading Light Science and bringing new energy efficient solutions to the Cannabis Industry and Beyond.


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