About Canna  Light Labs

CannaLightLabs.com began as a light experiment to do research required to determine if LED Lights had advanced enough to be able to facilitate the Rapid Growth of the Indoor Commercial Cannabis Industry in Canada.  

We know have a continuous testing environment where we are constantly doing Light & Grow Comparisons directly as it relates to Commercial Cannabis Growing Techniques.

We encourage you to reach out with your own experiences with LED Light Systems and the Cannabis Industry.


Our Primary Goals & Mission

Primary Goal

To provide Knowledge and Education in the Pursuit of Improving the Quality and Production of Plant & Light growing techniques in commercial Growing Applications.

Sharing Knowledge

By sharing what we learn we can help to advance growing techniques for the betterment our Industry.


If you want things to last Quality is where it’s at.  Made in the USA with only the Best Components and back by a 5 Year Guarantee!

Team Work

You are not alone… we have Engineers, Electricians, Designers, Scientists and some other really Smart People to help out.  Whatever you need, Just Ask!  Someone will be there to help answer all of your questions or concerns.  That is our Promise to You.

Happy Customers & Buyers

If I wouldn’t have seen it with my own eyes with my own Plants, I would have had a harder time believing.  But the results are in and the CannaLightLab.com lights won again.  I take my hat off, again.


Cannabis Consultant


24,000 square feet of HPS Lighting was the original plan.  Luckily for us we met this group.  They showed us the way, the truth and the Light and I have to say, these light are absolutely Fantastic.  they have over exceeded our expectations in many ways.

Licensed Producer in Canada

Happy Buyer

At first I was very skeptical, but with a little research and a couple of test lights and it didn’t take long to see the difference.  I have to say that I am now a believer in LED LIghts and I’m swittching over.  Thank you for showing me the Light!


Commercial Grower

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Leading Light Science and bringing new energy efficient solutions to the Cannabis Industry and Beyond.


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